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Kodak CIty Lens: Improve Night Vision and Reduce Glare
Your eyes get affected by different light conditions during the day and at night. Besides the sun’s glare, the use of mobile devices and bright screens can affect the eyes.

At night, the glare from headlights, neon lights and street lamps can cause discomfort to the eyes. For those on the road, such harsh lights can make it hard to focus. KODAK City Lens is designed to reduce glare and reflection up to 30% at night and 60% during the day, so you can experience visual comfort from day to night

Filters Blue-violet Light
KODAK City Lens filters Blue-violet light for a more relaxed all day visual experience reducing the some of the extremes of the visible spectrum for balance and comfort.

100% Protection From Damaging UV Light
UV rays can negatively impact eye health, accelerate eye aging and potentially contribute to various eye conditions including cataracts. KODAK City Lens protects your eyes by filtering out 100% of harmful UV rays everyday and everywhere.

Kodak UVBlue Lens: Filters Blue-violet Light
KODAK UVBlue Lens filters Blue-violet light for a more relaxed all day visual experience reducing the some of the extremes of the visible spectrum for balance and extended comfort.
As sunlight is not filtered by the upper atmosphere, it contains a high proportion of blue-violet light.
LED Backlit LCD
LED is a common light source for back lighting the LCD screens of modern devices, and they usually emit blue-violet light in shorter wavelengths
‘Daylight’ fluorescent bulbs offer strong white light but emit high levels of blue-violet light.

Protection from 100% of Damaging UV Light
UV rays from the sun can be extremely harmful as they have a direct and cumulative impact on eye health and can cause eye conditions such as cataracts and certain cancers. KODAK UVBlue Lens filters out 100% of UV light at 400nm, reducing exposure to these harmful UV rays.

Kodak EvoBlue Lens: Protection from Bright Light, UV light and filtering Blue-violet Light in one pair of lenses
KODAK EvoBlue Lens evolves to changing light levels, becoming darker when you need it for balanced light levels and comfortable viewing with protection from the glare of bright lights. KODAK EvoBlue Lens also provides peace of mind, with 100 UV protection and filtering Blue-violet light no matter what darkness phase the lens is in.

Adapts to Changing Light Condition
With UV Light-reactive qualities, KODAK EvoBlue Lens quickly adapts from being clear indoors to turning fully dark when outdoors. Hence, protecting the eyes from glare. It also offers wearers the convenience of just 1 pair of eyeglass for any light conditions.

Protection from 100% of Damaging UV Light
Up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds even on a cloudy day. Unfortunately, they affect eye health negatively, accelerate eye aging and also lead to severe eye conditions including cataracts. Built with blue light protection, KODAK EvoBlue Lens filters 100% of UV light.

KODAK has a rich heritage, known by generations, a heritage
which started when George Eastman, famously coined the phrase;

'You press the button; we do the rest'

Since then, KODAK has enabled generations to capture those moments and create memories that go beyond any functional benefits a product can bring. At KODAK Lens, we have an undertaking to make a complex situation (vision correction) and make it simple and accessible to everyone, giving them new opportunities that they did not have before. Providing outstanding optical solutions at realistic prices.

In 1996, KODAK Clear Lens Coating was developed to enable lenses to stay clean and last longer. 4 years later, the KODAK Concise Progressive Lens was launched to fit modern shallow frames.

Throughout the early 2000's, KODAK Precise Progressive Lens provided wearers with excellent visual harmony between distances and the KODAK Clean & Clear was launched with new improved superhydrophpbic properties.

In 2015, KODAK BluProtect Lens Coating entered the market and led to future generations of blue-light filtering products.
KODAK continues to expand the way images touch people's daily lives till today.

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