Pendax Camera Lens


Pendax Innocare (INC) coating: Pentax pioneered the first Super Multi-Coated (SMC) lens in the world and has been continuously investing to produce superior products for our users. With a stronger resistance than ordinary coatings, INC coating offers ultra-low reflective glare that results in visual comfort to make the wearer’s experience delightfully pleasant.

Scratch-resistant feature improves lens durability
Easy Maintenance for long-lasting clear vision
Dirt-repellent property requires less maintenance
Water-repellent property reduces water stains on lens surface
Ultra Low Reflection reduces reflection on lens surface to increase light transmission
UV Protection feature protects the eyes from harmful UV rays

Pentax HD Technology: Designed to offer enhanced vision precision and wider fields of view
Pentax’s unique HD technology is designed according to how the human eye sees an image, as the sophisticated software is capable of correcting aberrations with greater precision than conventional surfaced lenses, thus providing a pixel clear vision and a wider range of view.

HD View
Pentax HD Technology uses sophisticated software to grind every single spot to ensure the most accurate lens power and the sharpest vision possible.

Pentax HD technology uses an advanced optical calculation to apply precision power to the back surface of the lens. This brings the prescription closer to the eye and allows users to have a wider field of vision.

Pentax HD lenses incorporate advanced camera technology to achieve:
Refined image resolution
Improved fields of vision
Reduced distortion
Natural vision

Pendax Bluelight Control: Designed to protect you from digital devices’ harmful blue light

Although exposure to natural blue light during the day is known to help maintain a healthy circadian pulse, too much exposure to blue light may disrupt this cycle, which may lead to insomnia and daytime fatigue. Overexposure to blue light can also potentially result in eye strain and may also increase the risk of macular degeneration.

Pentax Innocare (INC) Blue is a special coating that reduces blue light by reflecting it away from the eye
Pentax Innocare (INC) Blue helps improve contrast by reducing blue light

Pentax Innocare (INC) Blue is capable of reducing harmful blue light, therefore it
Helps prevent eyestrain and fatigue
Helps protect eyes from harmful blue light
Improves image contrast
Reduces glare from digital devices


Pentax Invites you to discover a world with perfect vision and experience life picture perfect through a pair of skillfully crafted Pentax optical lenses.

Since 1919, Pentax pioneered the field of SLR camera lenses with quality and innovative products. Today, Pentax is taking its innovation to new heights by introducing a series of skilfully crafted optical lenses. Renowned for its design and manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses, Pentax optical lens is quickly becoming the trusted brand for prescription eyewear.

With over 40 years of experience in providing top quality products in the ophthalmic lens business, Pentax ensures that the brand remains innovative by constantly striving in high-tech research and development. By utilising their expertise in lens manufacturing, Pentax has now created an expansion in product range to cater to different consumer’s needs.

Pentax optical lens prides itself with its intricate design with the sole purpose of delivering performance and durability. The mark of its innovative success is seen in the new generation of Pentax Single Vision and Pentax Progressive lenses. These lenses are customisable to any prescription to deliver a product with an unprecedented combination of clarity, performance and durability.

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