Multifocus Progressive Lens

Progressive lens designed for focusing at all distances with ease

The most common symptoms of presbyopia occur at around age 40 for most people, and typically involve a gradual deterioration of ability to read or do work up close. With this group of user needs’ in mind, Pentax AllFocus lenses are designed to make focusing at all distances a breeze by leveraging Pentax’s advanced software that is capable of simulating real wearing conditions, thus providing the user a sharp vision. This technology also enable the users to adapt rapidly to the changing visual response in their surroundings.
If you're experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is time to find out more about Pentax AllFocus progressive lenses so that you can enjoy the following benefits for all your visual needs for multi-tasking:
Difficulty reading small print and need to hold reading material further to see better?
Need two pairs of spectacles to satisfy your far and near vision?
It's time to get yourself a pair of Premium Progressive Lens to solve all these problems.

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