Antifatigue Lens

Designed for distant vision clarity and reduces visual fatigue from digital devices

As we find ourselves exposed to longer screen time, the prolonged hours spent engaging in work can lead to eye strain, discomfort and some may even experience blurred vision.
Antifatigue Lens integrates a functional power to keep your eyes in a relaxed mode for better focus during daily activities.
Antifatigue Lens is a single vision lens that comes with a comfort zone especially designed for young adults who spend long hours on digital devices and work.


HD View

High definition design to provide pixel clear vision

Image Optimisation

Reduces image distortion which offers natural viewing at different directions

Comfort Zone

A special comfort zone helps eyes relax and sharpens focus


  • Ages 16 to 44 years old
  • People who spend long hours at work, especially on digital devices
  • People who feel tired easily with work
  • People with weak focusing ability at near


  • Provides comfortable near and distant vision
  • Relieves eye fatigue, discomfort and blurred vision caused by prolonged work
  • Effortless focusing from near to far distances

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