Night Vision Lens

Improve Night Vision and Reduce Glare

Your eyes get affected by different light conditions during the day and at night. Besides the sun’s glare, the use of mobile devices and bright screens can affect the eyes.

At night, the glare from headlights, neon lights and street lamps can cause discomfort to the eyes. For those on the road, such harsh lights can make it hard to focus. With the ability to reduce reflection on the lens, Night Vision Lens Coating also protects the wearer's eyes from glare that comes from oncoming vehicles, billboards and street lamps. This lens coating is designed to reduce up to 90% of lens reflection at night, providing wearers with comfortable vision. Night Vision Lens Coating is particularly suited to motorist as they offer significantly less glare from oncoming vehicles, traffic and street lights. Light sources are seen clearer and reflecting objects keep their sharp contours, meaning levels of glare are reduced.

Key Features

  • Reduces Glare
  • Improves Colour Contrast
  • Maintains Sharp Vision

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